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At Blueprint Buddies Academy, we’re proud to offer a high-quality, flexible and personalized educational experience to each and every student. Take a look through our site to learn more about all we have to offer.

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Le'Tisha' Moss is the founder of My 800 Credit Success, LeTisha' Moss Enterprise, Blueprint Buddies Academy, and multiple other businesses. She launched her businesses to empower those who couldn't get or obtain the type of financial opportunities she wasn't able to. Le'Tisha' made it her mission to supply all of the information that she has learned over the years to help others achieve the financial goals they wanted in life. She wanted to be the person that gave people a way out of no way. Since she loves to teach others, she just wanted to put her all into giving the tools that she has learned to give others the ability to benefit from all of their struggles and make that their strengths. Le'Tisha' wants to empower a better tomorrow; today.

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Vice President

Wesley is who we would call a financial wizard. He is not only one of the youngest Vice Presidents we know. But he is also one of the youngest self-made business owners. Wesley started doing a Publication Corporation at the age of 15. He also brought his parents brand new cars off the lot at age 17. He also has a brain like a sponge to learn things quicker than most people. Wesley learned about how to do crypto in a day to the point where he has made 6 figures alone from it.  His goal is to help as many people that he can, and we are so happy to have him a part of this winning team.

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Online Process

Our institution provides flexible learning options for students around the world. We cater to passionate individuals who need flexibility in their lives, love a variety of learning tactics, yet still prioritize receiving a high-value education. Due to our adaptable study options, those enrolled at Blueprint Buddies Academy get the opportunity to progress through courses at the pace that works best for them. Some courses might have a certain time frame, but they all are at least 1 year long to give you the time that you need to accomplish and acquire the information at your own pace.

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Let Us Exceed All Your Expectations!!

Professor & Students


Some classes will have zoom calls or Facebook lives to explain or do questions or answers with the instructor. The courses/classes that offer will tell you if it's included in the class descriptions. Most classes have that not unless they are playbacks which you will get the recordings to those lives and zoom calls to help you with those questions you might have had that someone else has asked.

Online Class


We make this an option to get the support you need from like-minded people who are doing the same course and at the same time that you are doing it. This also helps if you have any questions during the course lives or during the time you are going through the course with the class. This also helps it be a more friendly and productive environment to help you get the support to try to succeed in the course that you have signed up for.

Online Workshop


We have noticed since Covid-19 that online classes have been the go too, which made a great option for us because we love to teach and wanted to be able to teach many students that are not in the location that we are located in Virginia. Online courses also give you the freedom to do it anytime that is at your leisure. We promote productive education, and just because it's online, we don't want that education to lack, so that is where we come in.

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Teenage Students Raising Hands


10825 Midlothian Turnpike
Suite 201R
Richmond, VA 23235

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