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DIY Repair Special

Enrollment starts Feb. 15, 2022

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You will start to get access to course material November 15, 2022.

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DIY Credit Repair Program Overview


Module 1: Understanding Your Credit: What Your Credit Scores and Credit Report Can Tell You Module Overview

  • Part 1: How Credit Scores are Figured

  • Part 2: Requesting your Credit Reports

  • Part 3: What to Look for in your Credit Reports

  • Part 4: Contacting and Staying in Contact with Credit Bureaus

  • Assignment

Module II: Effective Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores Module Overview

  • Part 1: Strategy 1—Pay your Bills on Time

  • Part 2: Strategy 2—Avoid Excessive Credit

  • Part 3: Strategy 3—Pay Down Your Debts

  • Part 4: Strategy 4—Have a Range of Credit Types

  • Part 5: Applying Credit Score-Boosting Strategies

  • Assignment

Module III: Keeping Your Credit Safe Module Overview

  • Part 1: Avoiding Identity Theft

  • Part 2: Safe Practices

  • Part 3: Check Your Credit Score

  • Part 4: What to Do if You think you Are the Victim of Identity Theft

  • Assignment

Module IV: Avoiding Common Credit Score Mistakes Module Overview

  • Part 1: Don’t Keep Accounts You Aren’t Using

  • Part 2: Limit Inquiries on Your Credit Report

  • Part 3: Use Online Loan Comparisons Carefully

  • Part 4: Remember There’s More Than One Credit Report (and Credit Score)

  • Part 5: Don’t Close a Lot of Accounts Just to Improve Your Score

  • Part 6: No One Thing Will Boost Your Credit Score By Itself

  • Part 7: Having No Loans or Debts Will Not Improve your Credit Scores

  • Part 8: Doing Anything Illegal to Boost Your Credit Is, Well, Illegal

  • Assignment

 Module V: Working with Your Credit Reports to Fix Credit Scores Module Overview

  • Part 1: Fixing Errors on Your Credit Report

  • Part 2: Addressing Issues with Your Credit Report That You Can’t Resolve

  • Part 3: Keep Track of Who Sees Your Credit Report and Why (and What It Means)

  • Part 4: Contacting Creditors as Well as Credit Bureaus

  • Part 5: Be Careful Where and How You Get Your Credit Reports

  • Assignment

 Module VI: Developing Good Habits Module Overview

  • Part 1: Budgeting, Living Within Your Means, Spending Less

  • Part 2: Saving Habits

  • Part 3: Build Assets and Capital

  • Part 4: Be Ready for Financial Emergencies

  • Part 5: Get It In Writing, and Have Contracts Examined by a Lawyer

  • Assignment

Module VII: Developing a Credit Repair Plan Module Overview

  • Part 1: Why You Need a Credit Repair Plan

  • Part 2: Stay Organized

  • Part 3: Set Goals and Check Your Progress

  • Part 4: Pay Attention to Details

  • Part 5: Have a To-Do List

  • Part 6: Automate

  • Assignment

  • Module VII: Quiz

Module VIII: What Lenders Look For Module Overview

  • Part 1: Understand How Money Works

  • Part 2: What Lenders Look at Other Than a Credit Score

  • Part 3: Fix Mistakes Quickly

  • Part 4: Avoid Making Changes Frequently

  • Part 5: Stay Up to Date

  • Assignment

Module IX: Dealing with Debt Positively Module Overview

  • Part 1: Effective Strategies for Dealing with Debt

  • Part 2: What to Avoid When Dealing with Debt

  • Assignment

Module X: Mastering your Emotions Module Overview

  • Part 1: Go Easy on Yourself, but Be Accountable

  • Part 2: Reward Yourself Responsibly

  • Part 3: Understand and Regulate the Relationship Between Emotions and Debt.

  • Part 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help if You Need It

  • Assignment

  •  Module X Quiz

  • XI. Closing

  • Wrapping up

  • Next Steps



  • Credit DIY Workbook

  • Bonus: Prerecorded Q&A videos of things you might have questions about while doing the process. * Access to all updated Q&A videos that will be added.

  • Prerecorded Walk-through videos on things you should look for or do during your credit repair process

  • Prerecorded credit webinar

  • Prerecorded debt webinar

  • Prerecorded home buying webinar






  • 8-weeks of live Q&A once a week

  • 2 months of FREE credit repair when paid in full and keep credit monitoring

  • 2 Monthly credit strategy calls to help with your credit



  • Rebuilding Blueprint

  • Credit Establishment Guide

  • Credit Card Breakdowns by Stages

  • Recommended Rebuilding Tactics



  • Credit eBook Access

  • Repo Guide Access

  • Eviction Guide Access

  • Bankruptcy Guide Access

  • Home Buyers Guide Access



  • 100 +Free Credit Repair Letters

  • Bankruptcy Regulation Inquiry

  • Bankruptcy Removal Letter

  • Hard Inquiry Removal Letter

  • Student Loan Removal Letter

  • Collections Removal Letter

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